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Not an oxymoron: Journalists as sales superstars

Ebony Reed of the Reynolds Journalism Institute at the Missouri School of Journalism gave a rapid-fire presentation Friday at the LION Summit about “why, rather than being intimidated, journalists should feel uniquely suited to sell advertising.” She emphasized that she wasn’t advocating that journalists become sales only, but that they embrace their experience, knowledge and drive to not only get the story, but also get the sale. Read more »

Facebook Comes to LION to Talk About Its Journalism Project

Josh Mabry and Dorrine Mendoza from Facebook came to the LION Summit in Chicago Friday to learn, listen, and inform. Both have journalism backgrounds and now help manage Facebook’s Journalism Project, which is aiming to help LION members in particular by explaining their efforts to get better quality information onto Facebook. Read more »

Defamation 101: Tips to Reduce the Risk of Lawsuits

Dot your I’s and cross your T’s. That’s the message given by media attorney Jeffrey Kosseff of the Potomac Law Group. Kosseff is a former reporter with The Oregonian and he offered a load of advice for LION members and other independent journalists. His motive: to help solve problems and get you to publish your news. Read more »

Advice on email newsletters, web and mobile design on tap at 2017 LION Summit

David Walsh of Walsh Creative, a website developer specializing in WordPress, will be back as a sponsor of the 2017 LION Summit Oct. 26-28 in Chicago, and as a speaker. We asked him for a preview of the advice he'll give on the tech tools a local independent online news publisher needs to be successful, and how they can monetize email newsletters and mobile. Read more »

An online alt weekly approach to local news in a red state community

Tasneem Raja is a writer and radio producer with lots of national news experience at outlets many would consider firmly in the "big city and coastal elite media bubble." So why did she launch a local independent online news site in the red state community of Tyler, Texas, and what is she learning? She'll be spekaing at the 2017 LION Summit Oct. 26-28 in Chicago, the country's largest gathering of local independent online news publishers. We asked her for a preview: Read more »

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