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LION Webinar 1: What Happened to My Facebook Reach?

Lisa Yanick-Jonaitis, community engagement editor at The Morning Sun in Michigan, discusses Facebook's ever-changing adjustments to the "organic reach" of posts and how to develop a "voice" in your Facebook presence that will drive more referral traffic and engagement with your site. Hosted by Matt DeRienzo and Doug Hardy. Read more »

LION member spotlight: Prairie Village Post

A Q&A with LION member Jay Senter, co-publisher of the Prairie Village Post in Kansas: The founder of this local news site says journalism entrepreneurs need patience and a strong early focus on business development.

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‘Culture of accuracy’ needed as journalists work fast and alone

Journalists can work quickly and independently without sacrificing accuracy, a panel of leading breaking news editors and journalism educators said at a forum at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in New York Feb. 26.

Ned Berke, a LION Publishers board member and founder of Brooklyn’s Sheepshead Bites, and Mary Bakija, an editor with LION member Corner Media, offered tips on how small local news sites can emphasize accuracy without the luxury of copy editors and fact checkers.

Among the takeaways:

  • Publishers and top editors must show they value accuracy, not just traffic.
  • Journalists should own their mistakes and be very good at making corrections and drawing attention to them.
  • News sites fail most often when they try to present something as the “whole story,” complete with sexy headline, when they really only have part of it.
  • There are specific tactics for verifying and presenting rumors and emerging breaking news tips that reporters and editors should learn.

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Email newsletters can drive traffic, engagement: Web journalists offer advice

Email newsletters can be among the top three or four sources of referral traffic for local online news sites. They can also be a good way to engage with readers and establish and/or hone one’s editorial “voice.”

They were the topic of the weekly Web Journalists chat, or #wjchat, on Twitter on Feb. 18, and some good advice was offered for those considering launching an email newsletter or looking to improve one.

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