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Getting Patched? Start your own news site

Patch editors who are being laid off: if you've got the drive to be an entrepreneur, we've got a network of independent publishers who are ready and willing to help you establish a news outlet that is focused on your community. Read more »

Indie pride: LION Publishers membership tops 100

Membership in Local Independent Online News Publishers reached more than 100 at the beginning of June, the national educational nonprofit announced Tuesday. LION Publishers members include more than 90 dues-paying CEOs of local indie news sites around the country, plus their business partners and selected staff members. Read more »

Sez who? LION joins call for accuracy, attribution

LION backs industry statement on plagiarism, ethics: Reporters do a lot of things to earn their keep: interview public figures, comb through public records, attend community events, work to offer comprehensive background on the tough questions we face together. But what we get paid for is something that should never be questioned, never be for sale. Trust. Read more »

Ben Ilfeld resigning from LION Board

Because of his other business interests, Ben Ilfeld is resigning from the Board of Directors of the Local Independent Online News Publishers, effective Feb. 20. "This is a difficult day for me. I completely believe in LION. I completely believe in local independent publishers. You are all the future." Read more »

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