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Independent news organizations are the future of local news. Your support of LION Publishers provides new channels for marketing your business while ensuring entrepreneurial journalists can continue to serve as vital community resources. Our sponsorship team is committed to working with you to create a custom program that achieves your marketing goals.

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Why Sponsors Choose LION

“LION is unique in that it has (almost) exclusively early adopters and decision makers in its membership, and members are interested in hearing how you can help. Broadstreet got to where it is today because of the smart, friendly and innovation-focused members of LION Publishers.”

- Kenny Katzgrau, CEO Broadstreet Ads, Inc.

“LION Publishers is a fantastic resource for locally-owned and operated news organizations, and we value the opportunity to help LION members boost revenue, improve efficiency, and grow their audiences.”

- Rick Rogers, Chief Revenue Officer TownNews

“Ezoic appreciates the opportunity to support the growth of LION publications and the future of online journalism. As a sponsor, our brand recognition has grown and generated referral business and new clients.”

- Gavin Bechtold, Team Lead: Publisher Development Ezoic

“LION has been a big part of our growth. LION members are among our best new customer prospects. Our sponsorship with LION not only helps us stay in front of them regularly, it creates a highly-credible environment for connecting with them.”

- Steven Ludwig, Executive Chairman EmpowerLocal