LION, CloudFlare partner on Project Galileo

Program offers pro bono protection to public interest websites

Announcing an exciting upgrade to a member benefit: free enterprise-level protection against DDoS attacks, and a free business-level account with Cloudflare.

In 2014, LION Publishers was pleased to join with CloudFlare to become a referring partner in Project Galileo, a program that offers public-interest websites pro bono protection from distributed denial of service attacks. Now, they’ve expanded the services they offer participating members.

If you’re a LION member in good standing and have set up a free CloudFlare account, you’re eligible for this program, part of a package that normally costs $5,000 or more monthly. You can indicate your interest by filling out the quick form — members who apply through LION will automatically be covered by the program.

In addition to the previous benefits of free DDoS protection, offered under Galileo since 2014, Cloudflare now offers every participant in the program a free full business-level account that normally costs $200 per month. While the company offers free plans that can help speed and secure your website, the extra tools available to upgraded customers include more control over caching and the content delivery network, detailed firewall settings, and more. And for participating LION members, there’s no cost.

We have had several LION members experience some terrible sustained DDoS attempts. Under Galileo, you can sign up to help forestall such attacks. CloudFlare’s management would rather have sites covered before anything ever happens than respond while an attack is ongoing. So sign up before the script kiddies point their keyboards in your direction!

From CloudFlare:

At CloudFlare, our mission is to build a better Internet. As part of that mission, we strongly believe that bullies should not be able to knock sites offline simply because they disagree with their content.

CloudFlare created Project Galileo to protect politically and artistically important organizations and journalists against attacks that would otherwise censor their work. As part of the project, CloudFlare provide its state-of-the-art DDoS mitigation technology—for free—to any qualified vulnerable public interest website.

CloudFlare aims to keep ideas moving. If a website participating in Project Galileo comes under attack, CloudFlare will extend full protection to ensure the site stays online—no matter its location, no matter its content.

Referring partners in the effort include the American Civil Liberties Union, Committee to Protect Journalists, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and others.

A corporate initiative to back online freedom of speech about the public interest, Project Galileo provides DDoS protection to those vouched for by referring partners at the same level that CloudFlare gives to their enterprise customers.

Participation is totally voluntary — that’s why we’re having members opt in, and neither LION nor CloudFlare will publicly disclose who’s taking part. The company’s lead counsel, Ken Carter, told us that even within the company the list of websites covered by the project is kept very closely held, in the interest of security. Of course, you’re free to tell the world you’re taking part if you wish — the company probably woudn’t mind the publicity.

Galileo doesn’t cover CloudFlare’s other paid services at the enterprise level, but members can receive all of the tools offered under a business-level plan, at no cost. If you’ve got the money for an enterprise plan, you don’t need this pro bono help ; )

Sign up with this form and LION will forward your info to CloudFlare, and you’ll be added shortly. Note that you must already have your DNS routed through Cloudflare before you can sign up. Please make a separate request for each site that should be covered.