LION Publishers Dues

Thanks for paying your dues as a member of LION Publishers! You can pay your dues via credit card/Paypal and continue taking part in the nation’s only professional network of Local Independent Online News Publishers.

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Annual dues

Regular dues for Publisher Members are $150 per year. Save up to 40 percent with multi-year pre-paid discounts:

  • $270 for 2 years: 10 percent discount
  • $360 for 3 years: 20 percent discount
  • $450 for 5 years: 40 percent discount

Dues for other membership levels:

  • Associate Members: $75 (dues are waived for one Associate Member from each organization headed by a Publisher Member)
  • Supporters: $75
  • Honorary Members: $0


Full Publisher Members must meet LION’s membership criteria. All member candidates must be approved by the membership committee. If you have not done so, please submit a membership application.

Other membership categories

Associate Members: Non-voting Associate membership is open to staffers who work for organizations headed by LION Publisher Members.

Supporting Members: Non-voting members who support the organization’s mission.

Honorary Members: The Board of Directors may designate individuals who do not qualify under the foregoing categories as honorary members, using such criteria as the Board may develop.