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Welcome to LION Publishers, a journalism association supporting independent local online news publishers. Our mission is to help local news entrepreneurs build and grow financially sustainable small businesses. We have members spanning the U.S. and Canada, and have plans to expand our reach even further over the next few years.

Learn more about how to join our incredible network of members. (We’ll be posting a full list of our existing members soon!)

Membership benefits

LION Publishers is hyper-focused on knowledge sharing and networking and as a member you’ll gain instant support from peers. Learn how being a LION member can help you launch, manage or grow your online news business.

Membership criteria and cost

LION Publishers are innovate leaders in business, technology, communication and storytelling while honoring the rich heritage of local journalism. LION Publishers encompass a rich diversity of business models, editorial approaches and community interests.

We are currently offering one-year memberships. Full members pay $175/year and associate/supporting members pay $75/year.

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