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RebelMouse Launches High-Volume News Source Austonia During the Pandemic’s Peak

NEW YORK, New York — For the past nine months, the COVID-19 pandemic has raged throughout the global community, drastically upturning every industry with no clear end in sight. The longevity of the pandemic has left thousands of businesses struggling to find an appropriate position in the marketplace that will allow them to sustain themselves alongside daily tragedy.

The pandemic is far from over, but publishers and marketers are beginning to sift through the aftershocks of what COVID-19 has done to the web. Despite the precarious year, enterprise CMS solution RebelMouse has been able to secure sustainable growth and revenue for its clients, and has even launched powerful, high-performing sites in the face of an uncertain climate.

RebelMouse is a next-generation publishing solution built by Andrea Breanna, the former CTO of HuffPost. The robust, cloud-based platform provides content creators with the data-driven tools and creative strategy they need to unlock sustainable growth that’s backed by sticky monetization methods. With performance as a cultural pillar, RebelMouse is the only enterprise CMS to deliver 90+ scores via Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool.

Leveraging RebelMouse’s modern solution, Austonia ( launched on the RebelMouse platform in April 2020. The new media company is establishing itself as a great source of local news in Austin, Texas. Austonia considers RebelMouse to be more than just a tech company — it’s best-in-class global expertise. With out-of-the-box compatibility with AMP, Facebook Instant Articles, and various other formats and feeds, Austonia was able to avoid an internal technical hire and still have constant technology upgrades to stay ahead of the curve. Plus, they were able to focus on creating quality content for their users without thinking twice about page performance or load times.

“Shortly before COVID-19 hit the world very hard, we were restructuring our approach to site performance,” Breanna, RebelMouse’s founder and CEO, says. “Then, out of nowhere, every media company was faced with a huge problem: Advertising fell off a cliff in what seemed like seconds. The only way to survive this unprecedented downturn is to grow traffic and control costs at the same time. So we started to shave our code and made our websites faster. We dropped costs just as dramatically as we were increasing scores.”

Shortly after launch, articles on Austonia ranked quickly on search. By May, Austonia’s 30-day traffic grew 80%. It didn’t stop there, either. Austonia experienced another 80% boost in traffic in July, and a 70% jump in August. Truly amazing growth within a four-month span.

”Thanks to our revolutionary approach to site performance, clients like Austonia are able to experience swift and unfathomable growth that lasts well after launch. There is no sophomore slump,” says Chris Anderson, chief strategy officer at RebelMouse. “That’s where RebelMouse truly shines. We’ve mastered the art of building organic loyalty through modern content experiences that secure long-lasting audiences. Our editorial suite, flexible design environment, and slick integrations give our clients’ the mandatory toolbox they need to weather the ongoing pandemic.”

With steady growth and even a standout viral moment, RebelMouse helped Austonia make big waves in the publishing industry during the most turbulent year in modern history. Austonia is an Emerging Publisher finalist in LION Publisher’s 2020 LION Awards. RebelMouse is also a finalist for the LION Service Award.

“Media companies and brands have crowded roadmaps. RebelMouse takes on the heavy lifting of advanced integrations to help our clients not only keep up, but stay ahead of a rapidly changing world,” Breanna says.

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