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Virtual Conference: Getting Started with Audio Podcasts, Thursday Oct. 29 at 2pm EST

Our-Hometown President & CEO Matt Larson will be hosting another special Virtual Conference on Thursday, October 29th at 2PM Eastern, where he will be joined by Tom Lappas of the Henrico Citizen to discuss Getting Started with Podcasts.

Podcasts are just one example of interactive media that a newspaper publication can produce to enhance their offerings to readers. You can read an article on anyone’s website — but listening to an article with a tool like Audio Articles or, better yet, listening to a Podcast with a host that highlights the major headlines of the day really takes the website experience to the next level.

Tom and his staff have now launched three successful podcasts in the past year and have the process down to a science. Join Matt and Tom later this month to learn about the time commitment, the financial commitment, and the payoff when it comes to producing Audio Podcasts. Use the form on this page to register for this conference:

Contact Info

Name: Matthew Larson
Phone: 315-294-5735