LION Publishers Staff Disclosures

This post was last updated February 3, 2023.

The LION Publishers staff is committed to providing our members, our board of directors, and the public with transparent disclosures on the companies and businesses we’ve worked, or currently work with, in the course of our careers. Each LION staff member must sign a conflict of interest statement to prevent the institutional or personal interests of LION Publishers staff from interfering with the performance of their duties to LION Publishers, and to ensure that there is no personal, professional or political gain at the expense of LION Publishers.

This policy is not designed to eliminate relationships and activities that may create a duality of interest, but to require the disclosure of any conflicts of interest and the recusal of any interested party in a decision relating thereto.

A conflict of interest may exist when the interests or potential interests of any director, officer or staff member, or that person’s close relative, or any individual, group or organization to which the person associated with LION Publishers has allegiance, may be seen as competing with the interests of LION Publishers, or may impair such person’s independence or loyalty to LION Publishers. A conflict of interest is defined as an interest that might affect, or might reasonably appear to affect, the judgment or conduct of any director, officer or staff member in a manner that is adverse to the interests of LION Publishers.

Below are relevant disclosures from each of our staff members, in alphabetical order. Learn more about our team here.

Anika Anand is LION’s deputy director. She's currently on the board of InvestigateWest, a LION member. Previously, she worked at Chalkbeat, another LION member.

Elaine Díaz is LION's senior manager of coaching. She serves on the Board of Advisors at Periodismo de Barrio, a Cuban media organization focused on investigative environmental journalism, and she also provides consulting on well-being and burnout through SembraMedia.

Lisa Heyamoto is LION’s programming director of membership education. She was a longtime senior instructor at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication, and remains involved in the SOJC and the Agora Journalism Center. She is co-director of The 32 Percent Project, a community engagement initiative that explores what drives and disrupts public trust in journalism. She co-founded the initiative with her husband, who is a board member of the Energy News Network. She sits on the board of the Oregon News Enterprise, a LION member.

Lisa Hunter is LION’s director of finance and operations and has no relevant disclosures to share.

Chloe Kizer is LION’s director of research and evaluation and has no relevant disclosures to share.

Chris Krewson is LION’s executive director. He's currently an adjunct instructor at Temple University and a board member of The Tiny News Collective.

Stephanie Martinelli is LION’s programming director of membership experience and has no relevant disclosures to share.

Christian Monterrosa is LION's community manager. He is also the West Region Chair for the National Press Photographers Association and a freelance photographer for national news outlets and wire services.

Andrew Rockway is LION's program manager and has no relevant disclosures to share.

Dylan Sanchez is LION's data systems associate and has no relevant disclosures to share.

Kelsey Wotzka is LION's membership success associate and has no relevant disclosures to share.

If you have any questions about our disclosure policy or any of the above disclosures, please email LION Executive Director Chris Krewson at [email protected]