Creative Circle Media Solutions

East Providence , Rhode Island.

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We can help you with all your needs so you don't waste time on technology or poor strategy:
• Dynamic, flexible and easy to learn and run publishing CMS. We provide user- and content-centric designs, deep support, free upgrades and unlimited live training on our systems. Our web CMS will give you a strong advantage over any competitors in your market.
• Great pay wall that works with any site.
• Ad servers, web-centric classifieds, e-commerce, donations, progressive advertising, paid and native content platforms and other revenue tools, most of which can be purchased separately and work with any web site.
• Advertising sales blitzes to sell advertising in your market, available in person or virtually and by the day or week.
• Strategic consulting advice and help on everything from staffing to pay levels to ad rates and content concepts. We can review your business plan or help you with competitive analysis.
• High-end ad design, marketing and other outsourcing capabilities.
• Backup, vacation relief and webmaster services.
• Training on all aspects of editorial content, from taking better pictures and covering different stories to writing better headlines.
• Web designs or redesigns, site reviews and critiques; content analysis.
• Deep knowledge of newspapers, magazines and other media along with print production capabilities (yes, you should consider niche print options, too!).

We've been helping hundreds of publishers for 35 years. We've worked in 23 countries on three continents and have led thousands of training sessions at industry events. While we have helped some of the largest media companies in the world – including NBC, Dow Jones, Patch, The Chicago Tribune, McClatchy and more – our niche is still helping entrepreneurs, family owners and local publishers. That means we bring more experience and deeper experience and a better range of services than you can get anywhere else at a price you can actually afford.

If you want to win and succeed, we can help make that happen.

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