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Journalists, editors and publishers need a straightforward content experience that travels easily across channels and platforms, so your articles show up in the places your audience is looking on search, and social platforms. Coming from the team that built Huffington Post 15 years ago, we reject legacy approaches to digital, and we have proven results with launching huge pop hits like Axios and The Dodo, as well as supporting independent publishers who want a better option.

RebelMouse satisfies the business needs for traffic and journalists' need for a simple experience, and the impact on page views will make you and your monetization partners and advertisers very happy.

*Always Modern*
Stop fighting the losing battle to keep your site secure and fast, and modern. RebelMouse updates happen automatically via the cloud. RebelMouse keeps up with the latest web technology. We were the first CMS to offer Facebook Instant Articles out of the box, and we were AMP compatibly before most publishers even heard of it. We have pre-defined feeds for things like SmartNews and Apple News, and we have more updates coming out all the time, so your site just keeps getting better and better, with no effort.

*No Developer Operations (DevOps) or System Operations (SysOps) Required*
The RebelCMS is massively scalable and secure. We have multiple CDN contracts, and use New Relic and other monitoring tools to ensure that your site experiences scalable performance for far less cost than custom architectures. Our infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services' (AWS) cloud. Our 24/7 support team can help you track any errors that occur to help provide as much visibility as possible into every potential issue.

*Multivariate (A/B) Testing Tools With Dynamic, On-the-Fly Staging Environments*
It's extremely fast to make changes to staged layouts, and easy to compare their performance to your key KPIs. RebelMouse testing tools are not a JavaScript plugin that rewrites script from the server. Our solution is full-stack and extremely powerful.

*Proprietary Editorial Tools to Propel Your Content Ahead*
Wouldn't you like to give your editorial team their dream tools?

1 - Real-Time Insights: Adjust content strategy as needed with native stats like page views and time on site, visible right from within our Entry Editor.
2 - Organic SEO: Leverage proprietary technology to see how an article's topic is already performing on Google's page one. Then, take that data and use it to set up every article for success in the search rankings.
3 - Social: Make the most out of distribution through a proprietary, built-in influencer database that lets you define and reach out to your content's organic audience.

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