McBride, Gilfillan re-elected to LION Publishers Board

Two members have been re-elected to the LION Publishers Board of Directors, publisher Suzanne McBride and BIGR Media COO Kelly Gilfillan. ..... Read more»

2016 LION PRIDE industry survey

We're very pleased to announce the latest LION Publishers initiative: an in-depth research study of the business and editorial practices of our members...... Read more»

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McBride, Gilfillan re-elected to LION Publishers Board

Two members of LION Publishers Board of Directors, publisher Suzanne McBride and BIGR Media COO Kelly Gilfillan, have been re-elected and will continue leading the nation's foremost group of local independent news publishers.

The pair were unanimously voted by the Board to three-year terms, filling out the leadership of Local Independent Online News Publishers. Their renewed terms were ratified by the membership at the annual meeting held at the 2016 LION Summit in Chicago.

The two have brought to LION's leadership a diverse set of experiences that reflects the breadth of the national organization's membership. LION Publisher's nearly 140 members include the publishers of both for- and nonprofit news sites across the United States, ranging from rural towns and urban neighborhoods to regional news sites.

"Following the LION conference, I came home inspired and full of hope for the state of local news," Gilfillan said. "Serving on the board, I look forward to helping our members grow their businesses and keeping local news a viable means of making a living for all LIONs."

"Readers from big cities to small towns are demanding information about their communities, and the 140-some members of LION are filling a critical need," McBride said. "My goal is to do all I can to nurture and support still more local news operators, especially in news deserts - those areas with little or no coverage."

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What local independent online news publishers should keep in mind when choosing a CMS

Wordpress may be the most widely used web content management system, or CMS, when it comes to small independent websites, but it’s not the only option out there, as we heard at the LION Publishers 2016 Summit Friday afternoon during a roundtable with David Sutton of TownNews (which offers its proprietary BLOX software), Joe Hyde of San Angelo Live (a Drupal disciple), David Walsh of Walsh Creative (a WordPress design house), Steve Ludwig of BIGRMedia (which offers its own platform), and Travis Smith of HOP Studios (an ExpressionEngine design house). 

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Fundraising for nonprofit journalism: Finding 'true champions'

There may not be a lot of foundation money out there for journalism, but there is money out there, both for and from nonprofits, according to members of a panel on nonprofit fundraising at the recent LION 2016 conference in Chicago. Nonprofit and for-profit sites alike need to build relationships within their communities and foster civic engagement, which will both improve local fundraising and entice whatever foundation money that is out there.

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Knight Foundation's John Bracken says 'adaptability' is key for news orgs

The vice president of the Knight Foundation’s Technology Innovation program urged attendees of the LION Publishers 2016 Summit in Chicago Saturday to continue looking around a now-familiar bend. In remarks delivered Saturday afternoon, John Bracken, invoked retired U.S. Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, advancements in artificial intelligence, and Knight’s just-concluded libraries News Challenge to push local news sites toward innovation.

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Beyond pageviews: Measuring the impact of local independent online news

To thrive, independent news publishers must demonstrate the impact their work has had on their community. But that impact is central to the conversations they need to have to attract advertisers or funding sources. This was the message four panelists conveyed to attendees at the LION Publishers 2016 Summit in Chicago Friday afternoon.

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FOI and public records 'orders,' or how to be a mean cat

When it comes to obtaining public records – city council minutes, police reports, public employee salaries – David Cuillier of the University of Arizona’s School of Journalism doesn’t take no for an answer. And, as he told attendees at the LION Publishers 2016 Summit in Chicago Friday afternoon, he doesn’t “request” either. It’s all about whether you want to be a cute kitten (“may I please … “) or a mean cat (“gimme the records!”). 

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