Meet the LION Publishers Board of Directors

Photos of LION's board members Tracie Powell, Rebekah Monson, Jay Allred, Rose Hoban, Alvaro Gurdian, Jamaal Glenn, Cierra Hinton, Jiquanda Johnson, Anita Li, Shannon Shaw Duty, and Gunita Singh

Tracie Powell


Tracie Powell is the Chief Executive Officer of The Pivot Fund. She brings decades of expertise in creating equitable work places and driving change in both journalism and philanthropy. She lives in Atlanta, GA. More on Tracie.

Rebekah Monson


Rebekah Monson (she/they) is co-founder and COO of Letterhead. She previously co-founded WhereBy.Us, and works at the intersection of tech, communities and media on global projects from her home in Miami. More on Rebekah.

Jay Allred

Immediate Past Chair

Jay Allred is the President of Source Media Properties, which includes three local news sites, a full service digital marketing agency, and an artificial intelligence startup.

Rose Hoban


Rose Hoban, RN, MPH, (she/hers) is the founder and leader of NC Health News. She brings decades of journalism experience and the unique perspective of leading a "topic vertical" to the LION board, where she serves as secretary. More on Rose.

Alvaro Gurdian


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Jamaal Glenn

Board member

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Cierra Hinton

Board member

Cierra Hinton is the Executive Director-Publisher at Scalawag, a Southern movement journalism organization. Cierra is also a member of Blue Engine Collaborative where she coaches in the Meta Accelerator Program.

Jiquanda Johnson

Board member

Jiquanda Johnson is founder and CEO of Brown Impact Media Group. She has more than 20 years of news experience and founded Flint Beat, an independent news agency based in Flint, Mich. More on Jiquanda.

Anita Li

Board member

Anita Li (she/her) is a Toronto-based journalist, consultant and educator. She's also the founder and CEO of The Green Line. Anita specializes in community-driven journalism, audience engagement, and media ethics and innovation. More on Anita.

Shannon Shaw Duty

Board member

Shannon Shaw Duty is the editor of the Osage News. As a LION board member, she hopes to bring more tribal news outlets into the fold. Currently based in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. More on Shannon.

Gunita Singh

Board member

Gunita Singh is a staff attorney at the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. As a LION board member, she brings both a legal background and a passion for news and community. She is based in Washington, DC. More on Gunita.

Board Committees

Executive: Tracie Powell, Chair; Jay Allred; Rebekah Monson; Alvaro Gurdian, Rose Hoban; Gunita Singh

Board Development: Jay Allred, Chair;  Suzanne McBride (Columbia College of Chicago); Bobby Caina Calvan (The Associated Press); Anika Anand (LION Publishers)

Finance: Alvaro Gurdian, Chair; Jay Allred; Rose Hoban; Krystal Knapp (Planet Princeton); Steve Beatty (Newspack); Jamaal Glen; Tyree Worthy (Uptown Messenger); Lisa Hunter (LION Publishers)

Governance: Gunita Singh, Chair; Dylan Smith (Tucson Sentinel); Jimmy Boegle (Palm Springs Independent); Brandy Tuzon Boyd (The Natomas Buzz); Kate Maxwell (The Mendocino Voice); Lisa Hunter (LION Publishers)