News Entrepreneur Academy

The News Entrepreneur Academy offers LION members training, resources and members-only content to strengthen their news businesses and become more sustainable. All News Entrepreneur Academy content is available to LION members free of charge. If you’d like to become a LION member, join here.

The News Entrepreneur Academy features full guided courses; shorter lessons on specific topics that can be viewed to answer specific questions; and a resource library that includes downloadable tools and templates, written articles, and much more.

We will continue to improve and expand our offerings available through the News Entrepreneur Academy. If you’d like to provide feedback or suggest a resource, please complete this form. You may also reach out to [email protected] with any questions or comments.


The News Entrepreneur Academy offers courses on a variety of topics. Use the Filter below to sort courses by topic, or browse all course offerings by category: revenue generation, operations and journalistic impact.

Accounting Basics

This course explains basic accounting concepts and practices to help you set up robust, consistent systems for financial management.

Audience Funnel 101

This course explores audience funnel management, teaching the essential process of moving people from awareness to investment in your organization.

Not sure where to start? Check out three featured lessons below. If you’re looking for a specific lesson, visit the News Entrepreneur Academy Lessons Archive to view and sort all individual lessons in one place or browse by individual topics:
Advertising | Audience Development | Audience Research | Burnout | Canada | Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging | Development/Major Donors | Engagement | Financial Management | Goal-Setting | Hiring | Impact Tracking | Internal Operations | Leadership | Legal Issues | Managing People | Membership

News Entrepreneur Library

The News Entrepreneur Library features a curated list of reports, tools, templates and guides for common issues facing news businesses. The Library features resources created by LION Publishers, LION members and others.

Resources for Operational Resilience

Our operational resilience resources offer guidance on creating the systems, processes, policies and company culture to support staff, manage growth and prevent inefficient or ineffective work, burnout and turnover.


Chalkbeat Local News Field Guide

Practical advice for newsroom leaders around strategic planning, tracking impact, growing revenue and more.

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Preparing an Onboarding Plan

This OpenNews guide helps you get the most out of your new hires by preparing an onboarding plan for both early-career and senior-level employees.

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This document captures tips and resources on equitable and inclusive hiring practices shared in the DEI Coalition Slack.

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Selecting a Content Management System

Start your research on content management systems with this News Catalyst webinar.

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5 Tips for Choosing a Fiscal Sponsor for Your Newsroom

Guidance on choosing a fiscal sponsor that’s right for your news organization.

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LION Tools and Services Directory

A directory of tools and services that LION members use to run their news businesses.

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Resources for Financial Health

Our financial health resources offer guidance on generating enough revenue to comfortably cover your news business’ expenses and strategically build for the future, which includes the ability to earn money, manage a budget and monitor revenue and expenses using efficient tools and reliable financial data.


Membership Puzzle Project Membership Handbook

Practical guidance for designing, launching and evaluating membership programs.

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Solutions Journalism Network Revenue Playbook

Detailed guidance for getting readers and funders to support your solutions journalism.

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StrongNonprofits Financial Management Toolkit

Resources for nonprofit financial management and governance, including videos, articles and downloadable templates.

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Table Stakes Grant Writing Guidebook

Start winning grants for your newsroom with this guide on grant writing and proposal development.

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How a Smart Paid Acquisition Strategy Can Help Grow Your News Business

Guidelines for pursuing paid acquisition campaigns to grow membership and increase revenue from Phillip Smith.

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Raising Community Funding for Local News

A ten step list for raising revenue from Jay Allred, Publisher of the Richland Source.

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Resources for Journalistic Impact

Our journalist impact resources offer guidance on producing meaningful and demonstrable impact in your communities through your journalism in a way that is defined, tracked and measured in service of your audience and community.


Better News
Reaching New Audiences

Grow your audience with help from this guide on audience development.

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Disability Matters Toolkit

A starting point for journalists and news organizations looking to improve coverage of disability and the accessibility of news products.

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News Product Alliance Product Kit

A growing catalog of practical guides for product strategy, research and development in news organizations.

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Disclaimer: The content provided in the News Entrepreneur Academy is not intended and should not be relied on as legal advice, for which you should consult your own attorney.