LION-GNI Entrepreneurial Journalism Community Manager (Part-time)

Applications are now closed.  Title: Entrepreneurial Journalism Community Manager (Part-time) Status: Part-time six-month contractor (10-20 hours/week) Location: Remote Compensation/benefits: $20,000

July 8, 2020 by Anika Anand

Photo by Andrew Neel via Unsplash
Photo by Andrew Neel via Unsplash

Applications are now closed. 

Title: Entrepreneurial Journalism Community Manager (Part-time)
Status: Part-time six-month contractor (10-20 hours/week)
Location: Remote
Compensation/benefits: $20,000 and not eligible for benefits

Job description: If you have experience with building vibrant digital communities and have a deep passion and interest in entrepreneurship in journalism, we want to hear from you.

LION Publishers is a journalism association supporting independent local online news publishers, and recently, in partnership with the Google News Initiative, launched the GNI Startups Lab, a program that will help aspiring news entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Canada turn their news idea into reality and set their business on the path to sustainability.

As part of the GNI Startups Lab program, we want to hire a part-time community manager to help us create a go-to destination for anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship and/or startups in news and  journalism. We would expect this person to already be leading or working with a journalism startup(s) and eager to have the resources to create, manage and grow a community focused on skills sharing, networking and support among people interested in news entrepreneurship.

Here’s some of the work we’d love your help with:

  • Design and recommend a budget for community management (there are some funds available for this)
  • Choose the right platform to manage the community on
  • Create community guidelines/expectations and community management protocols
  • Promote and recruit for folks to join the community
  • Help seed discussion questions and spur conversation in the group
  • Work closely with our Startups Lab Senior Program Manager and Membership/Communications Manager to share relevant programming updates/resources with the community
  • Grow the community into a valuable resource for anyone interested in journalism startups

You should also be prepared to work for an organization that’s:

  • Scrappy and operates leanly
  • In the process of building a strategic plan and still has many unknowns (read: possibilities!) on the horizon
  • A small distributed team that relies on digital communication and (hopefully in the near future) occasional in-person meetings to communicate and collaborate with each other

This is a grant-funded position and you’ll report to programming director Anika Anand.

Here’s more on how to apply:

If you choose to apply, and are chosen to be interviewed, be prepared to talk about your mid-term and long-term career goals and how LION can help support you in achieving them; your existing connections and involvement in the journalism startup community; and why you, specifically, are the person to help us create and grow this community.

Submit your application using this form by August 17, 2020.

We ask that you provide:

  • Your resume
  • Any online links that show your work (a Twitter profile, a portfolio page, etc.)

And answers to the following questions:

  • Why are the best candidate for this role? What sets you apart?
  • What does success look like for the Entrepreneurial Journalism Community a year from now?
  • What are your career ambitions and how can LION help you achieve those goals?
  • Tell us about a successful community you ran or worked on. How did you measure its success? What made it succeed?
  • Tell us about a failed community you ran or worked on. What about it failed? Why do you think it failed?

If you have any questions, please email Anika Anand at [email protected].


LION Publishers encourages applications from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented communities. We desire to build an organization and grow a membership that welcomes and encourages participation from all interested individuals.

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