LION is hiring a producer and editor for News Guest

We’re looking for a podcast producer-editor to help us release six new episodes between May and November 2022.

April 11, 2022 by Ben DeJarnette

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Status: Independent Contractor

Point of Contact: Communications Manager

Location: Remote 

Project Type: Short-term contract, with variable working hours, from May 1, 2022–November 15, 2022

Compensation: $4,800 to produce and edit six episodes between May and November 2022 ($800/month) 

Apply by midnight PT on April 29»

About LION Publishers

Local Independent Online News (LION) Publishers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit professional journalism association for independent news publishers. While most of our 400+ members across the U.S. and Canada run local news businesses, we also have members who serve larger regions and specific identity-based communities across geographies. LION provides teaching, resources and community to independent news entrepreneurs as they build and develop sustainable businesses. One of our core values is being people-centered, and here are some ways we build that culture for our staff. 

About News Guest 

News Guest is a monthly podcast featuring interviews with independent news publishers and LION staff about successes, trends and lessons learned in the areas of revenue, operations, product and impact measurement. The episodes are about 30 minutes long, and our first “pilot” season received more than 2,600 total plays.  

Project Summary

We’re looking for a contract producer-editor who’s able to commit ~8 hours per month between early May and mid-November to produce and edit six episodes. There may be an opportunity to extend or add to this contract depending on audience growth and budget.

Project Scope of Work


  • In collaboration with the Communications Manager, book up to 12 guests to appear on News Guest and coordinate with the host to schedule the recorded interviews.  
  • Conduct a pre-interview with all guests and do additional research on their businesses and background in preparation for the recorded interviews. 
  • Write an interview script and outline for the recorded conversations and share it with the host at least one week prior to the episode recording, and schedule a meeting with the host to answer any questions they have after reviewing it. 
  • Choose a software platform to use for the recorded interviews and be present to do sound checks, provide time updates and support the host and guests as needed.  
  • Edit the 30-40 minutes of raw audio into a ~30-minute episode by:
    • Shortening rambling answers
    • Removing excessive ums, ahs, and long pauses
    • Removing audible hums and other background noise from audio tracks as much as possible
    • Choosing a sound bite to include as a teaser at the beginning of the episode
    • Adjusting audio levels and fading the music tracks in/out as needed
    • Creating a sponsor break in the episode and including any pre-recorded sponsor messaging
  • Complete one round of revisions on each episode in response to suggestions from the Communications Manager


  • Within first 30 days
    • Book guests for the entire season and tentatively schedule their interviews
    • Produce and edit the first episode
  • Within first 60 days
    • Produce and edit the second episode 
    • Confirm interview dates for the third and fourth episodes
  • By end of contract period
    • Produce and edit all six episodes

LION is an Equal Opportunity Partner

LION believes that a team with diversity of backgrounds and experiences will generate the most innovative ideas and ultimately do the best work in support of our mission. This is why we welcome contractors, vendors, staff and board members who contribute to a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment. We understand diversity as multi-dimensional and intersectional, encompassing race and ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, age, ability, class, geography and more.

We know there are great candidates who might not check all the boxes listed below or who possess important skills we haven’t thought of. If that’s you, don’t hesitate to apply and tell us about yourself. 

Skills and Qualifications for The Project

  • Demonstrated experience and success producing and editing a podcast
  • Familiarity with the independent news industry and the challenges and opportunities experienced by news founders
  • Ability to identify key themes and areas for conversation that will resonate with LION members and other News Guest listeners 

Skills and Expectations for Collaboration with the LION Team

  • Work in a way that upholds and reflects our organizational values: Being data-informed, equitable and inclusive, people-centered, systems thinkers, transparent and iterative
  • Use digital tools and platforms to stay organized, communicate transparently and collaborate with team members remotely 
  • Collaborate strategically with others, clearly defining processes for decision making
  • Give and receive constructive feedback to help the team produce its best work
  • Celebrate our wins and learning moments
  • Take on an experimental mindset and demonstrate flexibility to iterate on our work, systems and processes 
  • Be willing and able to ask for help when needed and demonstrate an ability to learn and grow

Submission Requirements

Submit your materials using this form by midnight PT on April 29. You will be asked to provide:

  • Your resume/track record as a podcast producer and editor 
  • Any online links that show examples of your work (a Twitter profile, a portfolio page, etc.)
  • Answers to the following questions:
    • What’s one thing you like about the first season of News Guest (or one episode from it), and what’s one thing you think could be improved?
    • What questions would you ask the LION team before beginning work on the first episode?

If you have questions about this project, reach out to [email protected] to learn more.

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