LION Publishers’ Privacy Policy for our Summit Conferences

Privacy’s a big topic these days, and we— a journalism association supporting local news publishers— want to hold ourselves to the highest standard when it comes to handling your personal information. So we want to be clear with you about how we use your information for our conferences.

  • We are publishing on our Eventbrite page the names of attendees who have registered through Eventbrite. We get a lot of requests from folks who are attending or interested in attending our conference to see an attendee list so they know who they can connect with when they’re there. Eventbrite’s standard way of publishing these names is first name, last initial, and we decided to include an organization name to help identify folks. This list of names is automatically updated on Eventbrite as people register for the conference.

  • We never share your personal information— names or emails— with our sponsors or anyone else who is not a conference organizer. If you do receive emails from sponsors before the conference, it’s likely because your organization has an easily identifiable email address or they looked you up. (Media professionals tend to be pretty public on the Internet). 

Other questions? Let us know. We’re always open to your feedback. 

Thanks to the Online News Association’s 2016 post inspiring our open communication and transparency on this.