LION Webinar 12: The Digital Publisher's Toolbox

LION members Bill Smith (Evanston Now), Jay Allred (Richland Source) and Sally Francom (Lehi Free Press) offer a quick look

August 11, 2016 by Wendy Cohen


Kicking off a mini-series within the LION Webinar series, we have our first installment from the Digital Publisher's Toolbox as some of our own member publishers talk about the tools that they find most useful. 

• Bill Smith, of in Illinois, gave us the highlights of two free products – Wave accounting software and Pixlr, a browser-based photo editing tool, including some feature and cost comparisons to similar products many LION members are already using. Here are Bill's Wave and Pixlr slides.

• Sally Fowler Francom, of in Utah, showed us how she uses SmartSheet to organize the complicated workflow at LehiFreePress, which has both a website and a weekly print product. Here's a look at SmartSheet. She also demonstrated an easy to use recording app, Drop Vox, which works in conjunction with DropBox.

• Jay Allred, of, provided an overview of how his company uses the PipeDrive CRM to not only track his sales team's pipeline but also their editorial content. The goal was to put everyone under the same roof, speaking the same language, according to Allred.

WATCH the webinar here. You will need to register.

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