LION Webinar 7: Podcasting and Online Radio for Local News Sites

Scott Schaefer Talks About How He Set Up His Podcasting Operation at South King Media in Washington

September 10, 2015 by Wendy Cohen


Scott Schaefer, founder and editor of South King Media and a network of local news sites in Washington state led by the B-Town Blog, operates a 24/7 online radio station – SoKing Internet Radio – side-by-side with his news operation. 

SoKing Internet Radio plays local music and also now includes a weekly "hyperlocal" news podcast. Thus far he has generated more than 3,000 downloads and is working on the launch of daily podcasts and on-demand programming.

Prior to joining the local news business full-time, Schaefer had a long career in television, including directing roles for "The Arsenio Hall Show" and "America's Funniest People," and is a three-time national Emmy Award winner as a writer for "Bill Nye The Science Guy." He also recently directed "The Maury Island Incident" a short sci-fi film based on declassified FBI documents about a 1947 UFO sighting.

The webinar is the seventh in LION's series this year.

Source materials from the webinar:

• Building an Internet radio station using the Apple OSX platform

• SoKing Internet Radio on Facebook

• SoKing Internet Radio

Reach Scott by email here or on Facebook if you have questions!

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