Make My News Organization Sustainable

Whether you are a founder, editor, reporter or in any other role at an independent news organization, we know how hard you’re working to make your work sustainable. At LION, we believe the sustainability, or success, of a business is based on three categories of measurement: operational resilience, journalistic impact and financial health.


We are continually adding and iterating on our programs and resources to address these topics and help more independent news publishers get on the path to sustainability. 



  • LION members have access to members-only programming. We feature monthly LION Lessons, webinars primarily focused on actionable steps that other LION members or industry experts offer to achieve sustainability. In the past we’ve also offered an Entrepreneurial Skills Series, and Expert Network. We're always open to ideas from members on what professional development is most useful to them.
  • The Google News Initiative Startups Lab is a six-month program to help a cohort of publishers get on the path to sustainability. We're wrapping the first cohort now and hope to run another cohort in the future.
  • The News Revenue Fellowship, supported by the Facebook Journalism Project, is a program that provides two years of funding to select LION members to hire and train a person in a revenue-generating role. We've just selected the first cohort and plan to share insights from the program and a revenue generation training with all LION members.


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  • Apply to become a LION member organization, which includes benefits like media liability insurance, members-only programming and communities. Depending on the size of your newsroom, membership is $150–$250/year.
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  • Our Project Oasis database lists more than 700 independent local news publications in the U.S. and Canada with in-depth data for about 250 of them. Learn more about how to navigate the database, and read our first Project Oasis report.
  • Our Startups Playbook, published in partnership with the Google News Initiative, is primarily for aspiring news entrepreneurs to learn how to design and launch a viable digital news business. But the four Starter Guides and Resources section are useful for any independent news publisher who wants to learn from their peers and other experts.

Other Resources

Here are some journalism-support organizations doing excellent work to strengthen local and/or independent news startups.

And here are other journalism-support organizations that offer specific topic-area training or funding that our members have found useful:

What other resources would you add to this list? Email us at [email protected] to let us know.

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