Media Liability Insurance for LION Publishers Members

Details on what's available and when it starts.

September 1, 2021 by Chris Krewson

Image via Unsplash
Image via Unsplash

Update: This Media Liability Insurance program is now available to LION members in all 50 U.S. states and Washington, D.C.

Media Liability insurance is an essential component of a publisher’s responsibility. Specialized coverage of this sort is needed because individual personal policies like those for Business Owners and Homeowners often exclude Media Liability in their terms. Today, I am pleased to provide members with a new way for LION Publishers members to secure Media Liability coverage.

LION has worked with an insurance industry consultant, and established a preferred relationship with US-licensed insurance broker InSource Insurance Group. At launch, the program supports publishers in 13 states, and should expand to cover all 50 states soon. LION members in New York, California, Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia interested in obtaining a quote for Media Liability insurance can submit an application to Insource here; those in Alaska, Montana, Louisiana, North Dakota, Delaware, Wyoming and Vermont can submit their application to InSource here. In conjunction with a specialist wholesaler (Socius Insurance Services, Inc.), InSource will work to provide a quote for Media Liability insurance from an AM Best-rated insurance company within two weeks of receiving the application.  Given their experience providing media liability insurance, both InSource and Socius will work to make the application process as simple as possible in order to procure a quote for insurance with comprehensive coverage at a competitive rate.

You may email your application to [email protected] or mail your application to:
Ms. Jan Hogan
InSource Inc.
P.O. Box 561567
Miami, FL 33256-1567

As part of this important new member benefit, we are excited to announce a new benefit from Lawyers for Reporters, a non-profit providing pro bono legal services. This partnership will now provide LION members access to pre-publication reviews of investigative stories upon request and training concerning defamation, privacy, copyright and other possible content claims against news organizations. It can also provide model correction policies.

If you have any questions regarding these exciting new capabilities, please reach out to us today.

Chris Krewson
Executive Director, LION Publishers
August 2021

LION is not providing or brokering insurance, or recommending any insurance product or program.  LION is receiving no financial or other consideration and has no role or other interest in any Media Liability insurance purchased by any LION member.

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