Part II: What news founders wish they’d known about launching a media business

Shasta Scout's Annelise Pierce and RevLab's Emily Dresslar share news startup tips and lessons on News Guest.

April 12, 2022 by Ben DeJarnette

A graphic with photos of this podcast episode’s guests, Shasta Scout founder Annelise Pierce and RevLab director Emily Dresslar

What do you wish you’d known about launching a news business before you started?

In Part I of our News Guest conversation about this question, we talked with Santa Cruz Local founder Kara Meyberg Guzman about finding a sustainable workload and with Gettysburg Connection founder Chuck Stangor about building and managing a tech stack. 

In this month’s episode, we hear from three more independent news publishers about their advice for first-time founders:

  • Don’t wait to file your IRS paperwork. If you plan to operate your business as a nonprofit, Shasta Scout founder Annelise Pierce warns that it can take a long time to get official 501(c)3 status – and you might need to find a fiscal sponsor in the meantime.
  • Start thinking about revenue early. RevLab director Emily Dresslar says founders should build a revenue strategy right out of the gate and even consider trying to get sponsors or advertisers on board before launch. 
  • Embrace learning on the job. To close out the episode (and Season 1 of News Guest!), we turned the tables on our host Candice Fortman and asked what she’s learned since becoming executive director of Outlier Media three years ago. Her biggest lesson: There’s no way to prepare for leading a news organization for the first time. You just have to learn on the job. 

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