Pitching your journalism to local funders? Here’s advice from three experts

Listen to our latest News Guest episode to learn how these LION members build and strengthen their relationships with funders.

November 16, 2021 by Ben DeJarnette

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Journalism. The Fourth Estate. The lifeblood of democracy

As a nonprofit news organization serving communities of color in Madison, Wisconsin, Madison365 could use any of these buzzwords to describe its work. But when executive editor Robert Chappell talks to funders, he tries to avoid them altogether. 

“Journalism is kind of an abstract thing. [My advice is to] find something they’re passionate about that they want to fund,” Robert says. “Journalism is your tool to [make a difference], but what you’re really appealing to is the other funding interests that they have.”

In our latest episode of News Guest, Chappell and fellow LION members Kimberly Spencer (Chalkbeat) and Kimberly Griffin (Mississippi Free Press) share their advice for building relationships with funders, especially those without a long history of supporting journalism. 

A common theme: Don’t assume that prospective funders will automatically recognize journalism as a public good. Instead, make the case for the impact of your journalism, and focus on the issues that a prospective funder cares about most. 

“For us, it’s really about accountability,” says Kimberly Spencer, Chalkbeat’s senior director of development and donor relations. “If you’re an education funder, you want to know what’s happening with [education] dollars, and we are the people who are going to hold policy makers accountable.”

Listen to the full News Guest interview to learn more about how these three news business leaders pitch their journalism — and how they build lasting relationships with the people and organizations that they’re asking to fund it. 

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