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Put Revenue-Building Ideas in Motion

Don’t miss this free webinar highlighting companies that provide valuable solutions to LION members. The 5 Revenue Ideas in 50 Minutes webinar gives you ideas you can start using right away to make an impact for your publication.

Get inspired to generate more money with insight from these LION Solution Providers:

Broadstreet Ads Inc.: Local Ad Network
Broadstreet is launching an AdSense-like network for small publishers who may not individually have the traffic levels necessary to qualify for big programmatic partners.

Creative Circle Media Solutions: Effective, Affordable Advertising
Local, dynamic, inexpensive and easy, Creative Circle’s new type of web ad was engineered to outperform Google, CraigsList, LinkedIn or Facebook ads, making it a great solution for small businesses.

EmpowerLocal: Partner with Top Brands
EmpowerLocal is aggregating today’s most trusted and influential local publications into an efficient marketplace for top brands to purchase targeted advertising and sponsored content anywhere in the U.S.

Friends2Follow: Social Media Revenue
Give advertisers more access (and value) by pushing their social media posts to your website, helping them expand their reach in the local community.

Modulist: Audience-Building Paid Content
Utilize user-generated paid content, such as obituaries, wedding/engagement announcements, business briefs, etc. as a proverbial win for the consumer, the publication and the community.

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