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  Due to COVID-19, we are postponing our Summit for at least a year. If you purchased a ticket, you will receive

December 13, 2019 by Anika Anand


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Due to COVID-19, we are postponing our Summit for at least a year. If you purchased a ticket, you will receive a full refund by the end of April. Please contact Phayvanh Luekhamhan at [email protected] with any questions. Sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay posted on when we’ll be rescheduling this event.



When is the Summit?

Friday, Oct. 23 and Saturday, Oct. 24, 2020. We’ll also host a training day on Thursday, Oct. 22.

Where is the Summit?

In Seattle at the Embassy Suites in Pioneer Square. More information on accommodations and travel is here

How much are Summit tickets?

We also have pre-sale tickets for the Friday/Saturday conference between now and Feb. 29, 2020.

If you’d like to learn more about the student discount, please email Anika Anand at [email protected].

Here’s the cost of tickets.

Member Nonmember Student
Thursday training day  $50 $75 $75
Pre-sale conference 

(Through Feb. 29, 2020)

$175  $275  $40
$150 (for five students)

What do my tickets include?

Your Thursday training day ticket includes:

  • All-day sessions that are divided into two cohort-based tracks: One will be focused on aspiring news entrepreneurs who want to start a local news site. The other will be focused on local news entrepreneurs who have started their business and need help laser-focused help with monetization.
  • Lunch

Your Summit ticket includes:

  • Friday, Oct. 23 programming
  • Saturday, Oct. 24 programming
  • Saturday lunch
  • Saturday pre-awards ceremony reception
  • Saturday awards ceremony dinner and show

Note: Tickets will be refundable up to 30 days before the Summit. After that, you may transfer them to another person.

When do I get to eat out in Seattle?

Seattle is a gastronomic sensation, and we hope you can explore the best of what the city has to offer (especially in our Chinatown/International District neighborhoods, where we’ll be staying).

If you book a room at the Embassy Suites, your breakfast is included at the hotel. (Note: We will not be providing a separate breakfast for conference attendees who are not staying at the hotel.)

If you attend Thursday’s pre-training day and our conference, here’s what meals are covered and when you can explore other restaurants.

Lunch Dinner
Thursday Covered by LION.  Explore the city!
Friday Explore the city! Explore the city!
Saturday Covered by LION.  Covered by LION. 


So how much do you think all this will cost me?

Here’s some math we did for you.

LION members Non-LION members
Thursday training day ticket $50 $75
Summit ticket $100 (If you take advantage of our deal right now!) $275
Hotel $934.40 (4 nights at $199/night + tax)
Travel to/from hotel $6 (roundtrip on light rail)
Meals $55 (2 lunches at $15/lunch and 1 dinners at $25/dinner)
Total $1,145.40 $1,345.40

Plus, travel. For airfare, our research shows from major cities this could range from $175 to $400. 

That means if you’re a member of LION, you could attend three days of learning, networking and exploring a beautiful West Coast city for anywhere between $1,320 to $1,545.

If you aren’t a LION member, you could attend for anywhere between $1,520.40 to $1,745.40


If you have any other questions or suggestions, email programming director Anika Anand at [email protected].

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