LION’s Tools and Services Directory

LION regularly hears from its members that it's helpful to know what tools and services they might use to build, manage and grow their news businesses. While LION does not endorse any particular tools or services, we have compiled some of the most popular ones we know of across various categories of business. We encourage our members to research and vet these tools and services to determine which are best for their specific needs.

If you are a vendor and would like to be listed in this database for free or would like your entry updated, please email [email protected]. You may also email [email protected] to list next to your entry an incentive for LION members to try your tool or service.

If you are an independent news publisher and would like us to add a tool or service to the directory that you've found particularly helpful, email [email protected].


A tech tool used to drive growth by providing contact, sales, and productivity management in a central location.

+ Salesforce

A CRM that powers a large suite of connected apps

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+ HubSpot

An easy-to-use CRM and marketing tool, which also provides a lot of highly useful information on social media and digital marketing

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+ CiviCRM

An open-source CRM software for the nonprofit and civic sectors

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+ Streak for Gmail

A CRM based in Gmail that supports sales, project management, business development, fundraising, the fulfilment of help tickets, hiring, and more depending on your organization's needs

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