How Auburn Examiner uses a data-driven newswire to deepen its local journalism

Here’s why founder Elizabeth Miller recommends Stacker's newswire service.

March 28, 2022 by Ben DeJarnette

A screenshot of a Stacker article about how wildfires are getting worse
An example of Stacker's data-driven journalism.

This post is sponsored by Stacker, the newswire that independent publishers trust for data-driven stories, graphics and analysis – all at no cost. Request a demo» 

Like many LION members, Auburn Examiner is a lean operation, led by a “solopreneur” founder who juggles business and editorial duties while overseeing a volunteer team of contributors. 

It’s a lot of work, and it doesn’t leave founder Elizabeth Miller as much time as she’d like for deep-dive reporting and data journalism. 

That’s where Stacker comes in. As a partner newsroom, Auburn Examiner has been able to deepen its local coverage and generate buzz around its content by republishing Stacker’s data-driven journalism – all at no cost. 

Here are a few of the Stacker stories that Auburn Examiner has used to engage and inform its readers:

The best part: All this content is free for independent publishers, because Stacker funds its business through licensing agreements with larger national publishers and by partnering with brands that underwrite a subset of its stories. All coverage is clearly marked when there is a brand partner and meets these editorial standards

Request a demo from Stacker to learn about becoming a newsroom partner and how to start delivering engaging data journalism to your audience. 

Auburn Examiner has now published more than 35 articles from Stacker (and counting). Here’s why founder Elizabeth Miller recommends its newswire service for other local publishers:

“As not just a solopreneur but a disabled individual as well, having Stacker has been a boon to me. It helps keep me on track and maintains the quality of our content. It allows me vital breathing room, as I know there will always be ready-to-go, quality content on deck to publish. Stacker’s easy-to-navigate and use system has been fantastic for days I’m unable to work due to my disability.

“Stacker also keeps the Auburn Examiner relevant with content our local competitors can’t match. When it comes to dollars and resources, having the content from Stacker doesn’t just give me a leg up. It also gives the Auburn Examiner access to content and data our audience wants. My print competitors don’t have and can’t provide this kind of valued content, whereas we are 100% online and do not have space issues to consider.

“Stacker helped the Auburn Examiner provide its readership with more lighthearted and engaging content during the pandemic and garnered AE positive feedback. Our readers love lists! They want to know where the best breweries are or which city has the worst commute—especially if Auburn or a nearby town ends up on one of those lists. And they come back for future lists to see if their city has made another one.”

Request a demo with Stacker to learn more about its no-cost newswire service, and read more about Auburn Examiner’s experience as one of its newsroom partners.

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