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We're so glad you're interested in learning more about the independent news industry and journalism entrepreneurship. To get a broad overview of this space, we suggest starting with our Project Oasis report, and then digging into the database to learn more about the hundreds of news organizations across the U.S. and Canada who have decided to start news businesses to serve communities.


Whether you're a researcher or you're considering starting a news publication one day, we've rounded up a few ways below to keep updated on LION's work and stay involved in this space.


  • Sign up for our free weekly email for news entrepreneurs, which includes original reporting on the independent news industry.
  • Request to join our News Entrepreneurs Slack community. While some channels are for only LION members, we also have channels for anyone interested in journalism entrepreneurship to contribute to topics like #jobs-grants-fellowships, #startups-advice, and #equity-and-inclusion.
  • Our Project Oasis database lists more than 700 independent local news publications in the U.S. and Canada with in-depth data for about 250 of them. Learn more about how to navigate the database, and read our first Project Oasis report.
  • Our Startups Playbook, published in partnership with the Google News Initiative, is primarily for aspiring news entrepreneurs to learn how to design and launch a viable digital news business. But it’s also useful for anyone thinking of starting a news publication one day to get a sense of what’s involved.
  • We're currently working on a Sustainability Audit, which provides an analysis of an independent news business's sustainability. Eventually, LIONs want to identify how to measure the sustainability of an independent news business by providing clear benchmarks, based on actual independent news business’s data, and provide recommendations on how a news business can become sustainable. If you're interested in this work, email [email protected] and we'd love to chat.

What other resources would you add to this list? Email us at [email protected] to let us know.

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