Sign up for Summit office hours with experts

While we want to leave time for speaker questions in our sessions, we know sometimes those questions require more one-on-one conversations to dig into specific needs and challenges. That’s why we’re offering office hours at our Summit’s LION’s Lounge. So far, 14 speakers and trainers have generously offered 20-minute time slots on Friday and Saturday at the conference.

Here’s how our office hours will work: Sign up for a time slot with one of the experts at the Summit. You’ll receive an email and calendar confirmation, and you’ll meet up with that speaker at our conference. Learn more about what each speaker has to offer by clicking on their name on our office hours page. (Note: The available time slots automatically display to your current time zone and will be added to your calendar in your current time zone. But the conference is in Nashville, which is in the Central Time zone, and all time slots correspond with Nashville’s local time.)

The deadline to sign up is Oct. 24, so be sure to act soon! These are in-person office hours so you must be present at the LION Summit to attend them.

Plus, if you’re curious who else is attending our conference, you can check out the bottom of our Eventbrite page, which shows who has registered. (Here’s our policy on sharing attendee information at our conference.)

Got other questions? Email programming director Anika Anand at